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[DAILY DSZ] 2014/08/20(水)の更新&ツイートまとめ

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— 1日前
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[mv] CHANCHA VIA CIRCUITO feat. MIRIAM GARCÍA - Coplita (official)


(出典: youtube.com)

— 1日前
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[fc] LIVITY SOUND Remixes [Livity Sound] CD  11月3日発売予定[[MORE]]
track list : 1. Kowton - More Games (MM/KM More Names remix) LIVITY013 2. Asusu - Velez (A Made Up Sound remix 2) LIVITY010 3. Pev & Kowton - Raw Code (Surgeon remix) LIVITY012 4. Pev & Kowton - Vapours (Pangaea remix) LIVITY009 5. Pev & Asusu - Surge (MMM remix) LIVITY009 6. Pev & Kowton - End Point (Stenny & Andrea remix) 7. Asusu - Velez (A Made Up Sound remix 1) LIVITY010 8. Asusu - Sister (Nick Höppner remix) LIVITY012 9. Pev - Livity (Ghost-202 remix) LIVITY011 10. Kowton - Jam01 (Beneath remix) LIVITY011 11. Pev - Aztec Chant (Tessela remix) 12 Asusu - Too Much Time Has Passed (Dresvn remix) LIVITY013artwork by Tess Redburn

[fc] LIVITY SOUND Remixes [Livity Sound] CD

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#Tess Redburn  #fc  #forthcoming  #Livity Sound  #bristol 
[DAILY DSZ] 2014/08/19(火)の更新&ツイートまとめ

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— 2日前
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[DAILY DSZ] 2014/08/18(月)の更新&ツイートまとめ

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— 3日前
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[DAILY DSZ] 2014/08/17(日)の更新&ツイートまとめ

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— 4日前
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[DAILY DSZ] 2014/08/16(土)の更新&ツイートまとめ

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— 5日前
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[DAILY DSZ] 2014/08/15(金)の更新&ツイートまとめ

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— 6日前
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[art] STRAWALDE / Jürgen Böttcher
Shackletonの新作『Deliverance Series No.1』でアートワークを単としている、ドイツの画家/映像作家。http://www.strawalde.de

[art] STRAWALDE / Jürgen Böttcher

Shackletonの新作『Deliverance Series No.1』でアートワークを単としている、ドイツの画家/映像作家。

— 6日前
#art  #Strawalde  #Jürgen Böttcher 

[mix] BALISTIQ - OnceUponAGrime MIX SERIES #5

BALISTIQ stocks at DSZ

— 6日前
#OnceUponAGrime  #Grime  #Balistiq  #DJmix 
[DAILY DSZ] 2014/08/14(木)の更新&ツイートまとめ

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— 1週間前
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[mix] CLAP! CLAP! - Black Acre is 50 (Part 2)

CLAP! CLAP! stocks at DSZ

— 1週間前
#djmix  #Clap! Clap!  #Back Acre 
[mix] CLAP! CLAP! - Black Acre Is 50 (Part 1)

※52:00頃からClap! Clap!のmix

CLAP! CLAP! stocks at DSZ

(出典: mixcloud.com)

— 1週間前
#djmix  #Black Acre  #Clap! Clap!  #NTS radio 

[mp3] MY NU LENG feat. FOX - Masterplan (Sam Binga’s One Sixty One Rebax)

My Nu Leng were kind enough to pass over the stems to their track ‘Masterplan’. This is my reworking; no release planned.
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SAM BINGA stocks at DSZ
FOX stocks at DSZ

— 1週間前
#Sam Binga  #Juke ish  #My Nu Leng  #Fox  #unreleased  #Baobinga 

[mix] OSSIA - Crack Mix 073 

Peng! Sound主宰、rwdfwd代表、そしてYoung Echoの最新メンバーとなったOssiaによるMIX。

— 1週間前・リアクション1件
#DJmix  #Ossia  #Daniel Davies  #Bristol  #Crack Magazine  #Peng! Sound  #rwdfwd